I grew up associating Indian food with hot chili, too much spices, and thick curry sauces. Firozian Indian Tea House introduced me to a whole new gastronomic experience because Indian food apparently goes beyond just chili and curry.

Their Beef Durum easily won me over. It’s a lot different from the Shawarma that you can buy off those ubiquitous stalls in the malls. Their Beef Durum has a great balance of meat and veggies. Its sauce, made of yogurt and then some, adds that zest that tickles your taste buds. If you have a big appetite, this should satiate that because their Durum is humongous – and that’s coming from someone who has a big appetite, herself!

If this gigantic treat is too much for you, I would recommend their Chicken Kebab Wrap. I usually order this when I’m not too hungry. It gets you full because it’s made of this thick, yummy chicken kebab smothered in special yogurt sauce and wrapped in white, flat bread.

Their Samosa, reminiscent of our empanada sans the meat, is a best seller, too. They quickly run out of these because people can’t seem to get enough of them. Don’t be deceived by the size. They may look a bit small, but they get you full in no time. The more prominent ingredients here are potatoes and peas. I love how crispy the crust is.

I would also highly recommend their Rumali Roti. Their Roti is really thin and crispy; it sure matches the special curry dip that goes with it.

I guess the best part is, these delectable treats won’t cost you a fortune. I would just end up paying Php 200 – 300 after ordering a lot of food. If you’re on a budget, but you’d want to enjoy something new and amazing, I would recommend Firozian Indian Tea House.

I love the ambiance of the place. It’s quiet, it’s quaint, it’s a place you would want to hang out because it’s not too crowded nor noisy. Yes, it’s not the typical restaurant that would offer you wooden or steel chairs. You’d have to sit on low couches with pillows. You get to enjoy the colorful curtains. There are no bright lights; just a cozy and quiet place to enjoy your food. You’d also need to take off your shoes, so wear your slippers or slip-ons when you go there.

I frequent this restaurant. It’s THAT good. It’s located along Jose Avila Streets, Cebu City.

Published by Kristine

I'm 29 years old, a wanderlust currently residing in Cebu City. I've been to a lot of places in the country and abroad. I love experimenting on new products. The reviews I post are my honest evaluations of these products that I've tried. I've tried tons, so when I recommend something, it's because it just stood out above the rest. Enjoy!

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