Do you have huge power bills? Do you want to save energy and pay less for your electricity? I know something that can help you a lot. Firefly LED bulb is what you need!

My mother often frets about our monstrous power bills. We usually pay 1,500 Php a month. This is kinda frustrating for we rarely use our air conditioner (i.e., once a month). We normally have five lights, three fans, a television and a fridge on during the night while three fans and a fridge on during the day. A neighbor once told us that turning off the refrigerator at night may save power. We tried it but our power bill remained the same.

Two months ago a family friend suggested that we should change all our lights to Firefly LED bulbs. We did and guess what? Our electricity bill reduced big time last month!

What we like about Firefly LED bulb is it has reduced our electricity bill to 15%. We can save 200 – 250 Php monthly which is a great help. We have never had this noticeable power bill decrease or discount before.

Another thing we like about Firefly is it is so clear and bright like a fluorescent lamp. In fact, it is brighter than our old bulbs. It can light the whole street area where our house is.

Another nice thing about Firefly is it is easy to install. There is no need to call an electrician to put it up. As a matter of fact, my brother who has a little background in electronics installed ours in just a couple of minutes.

Firefly LED bulb is affordable. We bought five bulbs for only 156 Php each. One may think it is expensive but in reality it is worth the price. Our family friend’s Firefly has been working for a long time now and I have read that it can last up to ten years. So imagine the amount of money you will save from your power bills during this entire duration!

If you want to conserve energy and save money, use Firefly LED bulb now. I assure you that with Firefly, you will never have a headache due to your high power bill again!

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  1. Kamusta naman yung experience nyo with firefly after a few years? Samin kasi bumigay after a few months lahat pinalitan. Baka bad batch lang. pero nakakatakot subukan uli baka pilatan lang uli.