Are you an avid coffee lover and purist? Do you like to read, write, and think a lot?

If this sounds like you, then let me introduce you to your new favorite hangout place: Figaro Coffee

Coffee: Not for the weak. Being a coffee purist, I compare different coffee the way they should be compared: in their simplest form, through their black coffee of course. Simply put, Figaro coffee is one of the strongest and boldest I have ever had. This is very useful for staying awake for studying if you are a student or if you merely want that strong caffeine kick.

Ambiance. Most people hangout in the more popular coffee shops. I get annoyed by groups of teenagers who talk as if the whole room is trying to listen to them. Figaro has just the right amount of people to create a coffee shop ambiance that is not too loud, but it’s not deafeningly silent either.

Fast and Reliable Internet. Either to surf the net, stream music, check my mail, or hangout on Facebook and Twitter, I like to be online a lot. Many coffee places offer internet connection, but they either charge too much or require you to be a member of their loyalty programs. Figaro offers fast and reliable internet to their customers for free.

Figaro Coffee Club. Figaro has a club they let you join after buying 6 coffee drinks for a small fee of P150. Here are several benefits of being part of the club:

  • 10% discount on drinks over P200
  • 1 free refill for your coffee
  • 5% discount on other products such as coffee beans

On the free refill alone, it is easy to recoup your investment in being a club member. For example, you regularly buy a P120-coffee drink. Since you get a free refill every time, which are worth P240. This is already P90 beyond your P150 investment.

Can you imagine how much more you can save if you go regularly? Finally, Figaro is locally-owned. This is of course always a good thing. Between great coffee, the perfect ambiance, free wi-fi, cash savings and being locally-owned, I bet Figaro could be your new favorite hangout place.

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