The full product name is Fashion 21 Two-Way Cake with Tea-Tree Oil SPF 35+

The gist of it? I absolutely love this foundation.

Recently, my skin has been getting a really oily and sensitive. As every girl with oily skin would know, it’s really difficult to find a good set of products that would work well without causing breakouts.

Luckily, there’s something called “two-way cake foundation”. Of course, I apply mine with water because of the oily condition of my face. It also gives a lighter and fresher feeling after application.

For this particular product, the packaging is honestly not very appealing. I got mine in a cheap-looking green packaging because the saleslady told me that’s the one specifically formulated for oily skin. There are two other varieties for combination and dry skin types.

I happily bought it at the price of Php 195.00, and to my surprise, it actually had great quality. For one, I love that it has SPF, so I don’t have to apply sunscreen. Most sunscreens are usually dewy, and this just piles up on top of the oil that my face already has. Also, the tea tree oil content is good because it prevents acne breakouts.

True enough, after putting on this product, my skin appeared really soft, and I didn’t have any breakouts after continued usage!

This also didn’t make my face look shiny at all. As for the longevity, it all depends on how much product you put on. Since I mostly use this on days when I feel a little too lazy to put on liquid foundation and powder, I put on around 2 layers, and it lasts for around 3 – 4 hours. That’s not really optimum, but it’s easy to reapply, so I don’t mind. Also, I often wash my face again midday just because of the oil buildup, so that’s why this make-up really works for me.

You may also want to use a concealer for this product because it doesn’t have a full coverage. This definitely isn’t for the girls who are looking for a full-blown make-up look. I like using this one for my everyday routine and also because I like to keep my make-up simple.  So for a soft, fresh and shine-free look, I would definitely suggest you get this two-way cake foundation.

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