The interest in makeup came to me quite late, when I was already in my third year in college. That was also the time when I realize that you could improve your appearance if you put your heart into it. Nevertheless, I was completely smitten with the magic makeup can do-you can be sweet or sultry, smoking-hot or professional-pretty, with just a few swipes (in other cases, more than a few swipes). The best part of it was, you could change your looks without changing your wardrobe.

So slowly, I began to accumulate a number of makeup items, (just one at a time so I would not shock my mother who was not used to seeing her daughter’s face made-up), using them one by one and testing them against our tropical weather. Over the course of time, I have tried quite a number of makeup products. I fell in love with some, and discarded others. One product that took my attention was the I Love Careline Makeup Set 1. One look at the palette made me swoon: it has nine eyeshadows in bronze, a pale blue color, and snow white; glittering beige, pale green, sweet pink that reminds me of strawberry cake, light gray, lilac and an amazing blue color that does magic in making brown eyes pop. A peach blusher and a pink one was included in the makeup set too, all in powder form. Handy enough to fit into a purse and with colors that combine to make endless gorgeous combination, and at a great price at that, I knew I bought a winner.

Or so I thought. The eyeshadow colors were a standout indeed, worn in single shades during the day or layered for a fun party look at night. The thing is, they would not stay on my eyelids. I am aware that eyeshadow primers do make colors stick for long hours, but I expected from this product to bring my eyes out even without the help of primers, as other eyeshadow products that I used before did. My eyelids itched too after applying the makeup, especially the area where my eyelashes grow. So much for looking gorgeous but uncomfortable. The blushers too, failed to deliver. Applied to my cheeks, the colors looked off, even though peach blush looked good with my skin tone. I tried blending the blushes together to produce a peachy-pink color, but the result failed to give me the just pinched, healthy glow I’m after.

Finally, comfort won over vanity. I would still have loved to use the eyeshadow shades but would not risk another bout of discomfort the next time I went on a night out or had to meet important people. The makeup set just sits there, unused any longer. Come to think of it, the line of makeup products under the said brand was made for tweens and teenagers, so I was somehow confident that it would be skin-friendly. But then again, it did not work the way I expected it to. So again, I’m on the hunt for a new makeup palette that will bring out the best in me, without irritations and frustrations.

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