For the longest time, I’ve been looking for a cost-effective cream-based concealer stick. I’m not fond of powder-based products because I think they’re much harder to apply. Additionally, I find that most powder-based products cause me to breakout, so they’re something I try to avoid. Another pro for cream or liquid based products is that they’re much easier to apply on-the-go.

I knew it would be a tough search because most of the well-known brands offer their cream-based products at a steep price. At long last, however, I scored my foundation stick for only Php. 195 at a local Watson’s store. I use it as a concealer, however.

This is because my face can get quite oily in some parts, and I knew a cream-based foundation would not help the situation at all. As a concealer, however, used only to cover the dark circles under my eyes, this foundation stick works like a charm.

It comes in three shades in the SM Southmall Watson’s store. I picked the lightest shade (Creme) because one’s concealer should always be at least two to three shades lighter than the foundation.

I’m currently using L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder’s sun beige shade as my foundation. The light powdery consistency of my foundation plus the creamy (but not dewy!!) feel of the foundation stick makes a good match.

It’s easy to wear, and it won’t make you feel like you have too much product on your face. Also, it feels natural, almost like you have nothing on while at the same time effectively color-correcting and giving great texture to your face. Then there’s the fact that it also has Vitamin E for moisturizing the skin! All these for a product below Php. 200. I was totally sold on the idea.

I’d gladly buy the darker shades of this Ever Bilena foundation stick and use them for contouring, but it might be smarter to buy products that already come with a bronzer and highlighter. Still, if you’re looking for a cheap cream-based contouring stick, then this might just do the trick as well.

This is an everyday make-up at its finest without burning holes through your wallet.

As for longevity, you really can’t expect much from a cheap product. However, setting it with some powder would definitely help.

This isn’t for the girls who are looking for heavy duty make-up. This is more for the make-up beginners and the girls who just want to a fresh everyday make-up look. It doesn’t really have full coverage either, which I wasn’t expecting anyway because the claim on the label says “medium coverage”, which I find to be very accurate.

I use this product for my normal everyday routine that consists of moisturizer, foundation, concealer then some setting powder before finishing off with some lip gloss.

All of these are applied lightly to achieve a fresh, polished look without being too overbearing.

I hope some of you get to try out these cheap fixes to a beautiful you!

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