Product claims: “A long lasting liquid foundation that dries faster than the ordinary foundation. Leaving a soft natural finish without flaking effects. Enriched with Vitamin E that helps maintain natural skin moisture. Easily covers dark circles, redness, and minor skin imperfections. This unique foundation creates instant affinity with the skin that makes it glide on like silk and stay fresh looking as it imparts a glowing skin all day. Comes in frosted glass bottle with pump for ultimate control.”

I bought this foundation because I was looking for something water-based for the cold and rainy -ber months ahead. My skin tends to get a little dry with that kind of weather, so I felt that this foundation would be an affordable solution to the problem. The packaging looked really elegant when I first saw it, and I also loved that it came with a pump.

However, it was a little weird because when I was picking out my shade in the store, the saleslady insisted on opening the bottle instead of using the pump. Upon getting home, I found out that it’s because the pump is actually quite defective! A little research on the Internet showed that this seems to be a common problem with this product. That was really disappointing, and this product has actually ruined my outfits on more than one occasion because the pump would squirt product in random amounts and directions.

As for the foundation itself, it comes with a dewy finish that gives you a nice glow. This really isn’t nice for those with oily skin or if you’re going to use it for the humid weather. It’s longevity is average (around 3 to 4 hours) but using a really good powder to set it would definitely help. I didn’t expect much when it comes to coverage because of its watery consistency, but I love that this product doesn’t accentuate any dry patches on the face. It really is perfect for the cold weather!

The claims are very misleading, though, in my opinion. For one, it does not dry easily, it does not last all day and most importantly, the pump does not provide “ultimate control”.

So overall, I would give this foundation a 3/5 because it was able to accomplish the task of keeping my face looking smooth and glowing despite the cold weather. However, the defective pump as well as the average longevity merited some deductions in rating.


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