The name says it all. This eyeliner is for all the busy girls out there who just don’t have the time to fuss over their liner in the morning.

Additionally, this is a good eyeliner to start with if you’re a make-up beginner.

Etude House is known for bringing the beauty of Korean make-up to the Philippines. The Korean make-up style is all about keeping it natural and fresh. This eyeliner exudes that aura, too. Once you put it on, you would look instantly made up without even trying. It’s almost like a magic 2.0 mm Sharpie eyeliner. No fuss, no practice. All it takes is a steady hand and five minutes of your time (or less!!).

It’s pretty affordable for a really good eyeliner. Though, of course, there are cheaper eyeliners out there. But then again, Etude House carries such a popular brand name, so you can never really expect getting anything for a steal here.

As for the staying power of the product, it stays on for the entire day, but it’s also easy enough to remove with soap and water. You can put on a thick layer for greater longevity. But if you’re not going out to a party or a formal event, one or two swipes would do just fine.

This eyeliner is also perfect for shaping that cat eye you just can’t seem to pull off without making a mistake. Since this liner is literally just like a pen, just use your dominant hand and draw the liner shape you want. It’s as easy as drawing on a piece of paper.

One piece of advice I can give though would be to wait for the make-up to dry off for a bit. Don’t blink excessively after applying and don’t make any sudden eye movements for at least a few seconds. It’s a mistake I’ve made quite a few times that caused me to do my make-up all over again.

Other than that, I would totally recommend this to all of you. This should definitely be your everyday eyeliner. If it isn’t yet, I highly encourage you to go get one now!!

For more information on other Etude House products and Etude House branches, you may visit their website here:

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