For creamy and dreamy lips that perfectly matches any kawaii outfit, Etude House’s Dear My Blooming Lips-talk is the perfect option.

I got mine in the OR204 shade, which is light pink in color. I like it as my everyday lip product because it’s not very striking, but it’s still very cute. Of course, I think that is already to be expected of Etude House.

I fell in love with the packaging the first time I saw it because it comes in this cute pink container with a ribbon on the outside. The lipstick itself has a swirly heart engraving, so I really like the work that they put into designing this. Though it doesn’t mean much when it comes to the quality of the product, aesthetics will always be nice to have. This lipstick definitely does not look cheap!

I will be honest, however, when I say that I didn’t use this product for a long time because it works really badly with dry lips. I had dry lips for the longest time, and this product really just emphasized how chapped they were. When I wore it with lip balm under, it was too glossy and it was easily removed after just drinking one glass of water or after a few bites of a meal.

It was very frustrating especially since I was very excited to use it. I also spent quite a lot on this compared to my other lipsticks/lip glosses, so you can just imagine my disappointment.

However, after a few days of hydrating my lips with constant lip balm use, I was finally able to appreciate this product. It looks really good upon application! It’s not very drying on well-hydrated lips. It actually gives out that faux natural look that really matches my simple everyday make-up.

I also love how it adds some character to one’s lips without being too bold or noticeable. It’s effortless beauty at its finest!

As for the staying power, I have to say you have to be prepared to reapply it a whole lot. This bothers me a little bit because it makes me feel a little self-conscious throughout the day about whether I still have some color on or not.

Nevertheless, for quick trips outside the house, especially the ones where I don’t have to dine out, are the moments in which I keep this lipstick handy.

It’s easy to apply, and the finish is just lovely.

I’d give it a 3.5/5 just because there seem to be a lot of cons even if the pros totally make up for it.

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