Aside from their studies and how to get the attention of their crushes, one other problem that some, if not most, teenage girls have are acnes and pimples. While going to the dermatologist can cost you a lot, there are many cost effective products in the market which teenage girls can try.

Here’s a facial cleanser that even if it costs less than 50PHP, it really saved me from the trouble of dealing with acnes and pimples.

During my high school years, I used to hang out a lot with my friends, thus, too much dirt was getting on my face and I guess that resulted to my pimple break out. Also, I cut my hair with bangs which covered my forehead, and since our hair tends to be dirty too, that made it even worse. Not wanting to give up both hanging out with friends and my new haircut, I started using Eskinol which my mom recommended. After one night, I can already see results. Well, not every pimple was gone but they were obviously lessened. I used it every night for a month, and my pimples gradually lessened until there is no more. Pimple marks? Eskinol acts on that too, it whitens pimple marks so you don’t have to worry!

I continued using it every night for a few more months but while it really dries pimples and even whitens pimple marks, I noticed my skin started to get really dry. This may just be my own skin reaction and may differ from person to person. I didn’t stop using Eskinol with that though, I only stop using it every night and use it only when there is a pimple coming out. I can’t give it up because it’s really effective. So if you decide to use this one, and it starts making your skin really dry as well, I suggest you also spare yourself from using it everyday and maybe allow 2-3 days to pass before you use it again.

I still used it when I entered college. College was really stressful and I was lacking in sleep almost everyday. During that time, Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser still never failed to do its job. So during my busy years in college, I’m glad I got one less problem because I have Eskinol ready to take care of the acnes and pimples coming out.

I still use it nowadays that I’m already working. With the stress that deadlines and budgeting bring, Eskinol still saves me from pimples! I can say that my facial skin can still pass for a teenager. There are no irritating visible pores or annoying pimple marks.

I may be done with my teenage years but this product has never failed me ever since I started using it. I can recommend it because it was a product that I have been using for years. I can’t say that it will be effective for everyone, but it’s really worth a try!

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