Eskinol has been around since I was a kid. We grew up together. When I hit my teenage years and started breaking out into pimples, Eskinol was my go to facial cleanser. I’ve tried different facial cleansers over the years, but found that Eskinol is the one that is the most effective for me.

There are different kinds of formulation of Eskinol; the one that I use is the Eskinol Oil Control Facial Deep Cleanser with Pure Lemon Extract. It’s the yellow one. The reason I like this the most is because I have super oily skin and this helps to control the excessive oil all over my face. Not to mention that it’s effective in preventing pimples and acne. Like most facial cleansers when applying it on your skin, it’s best to avoid the eye area; this especially applies to cleansing agent, since most have strong alcohol content.

Sometimes when you use soap and water, or even a facial scrub there are still residues that stay on your face. That’s why for me, it’s become a ritual to use this deep facial cleanser before I go to sleep, just to make sure that I get rid of all of the dirt and pollution that my face has absorbed throughout the day. I actually also use Eskinol when I notice that my face is getting oily, especially in my T-zone, which is the area of your forehead and nose.

This is the part of the face that secretes excessive oil and is the most acne prone. Sometimes, when I use Eskinol I only apply it to this area, and the rest of my face I leave alone. I don’t want to use this facial cleanser too much, because I’m afraid it will dry out my skin. So I just use it on my entire face twice a day. Although, the direction in the back of the plastic bottle says you can use it anytime and anywhere I prefer to play it safe. At night time after I’ve cleansed my face with Eskinol, after a few minutes I also apply facial moisturizer.

One of the great things about this product is that it’s also very affordable. A 225 ml bottle of Eskinol Oil Control Facial Deep Cleanser with Pure Lemon Extract cost PhP 65. This will last you at least 4 months. But best of all, is that it works. I’ve been using this product now for over a decade. That now I’ve come to think of it as a friend that protects my face from pimples.

Image courtesy: anagonzales

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