Breakfast, as my PE1 prof used to say, is the most important meal of the day. She would usually continue explaining why by citing some known facts. Why was it called breakfast? Because the meal breaks your 8-hour fasting during your sleep. She would also note that the meal would be your first food intake for the day. So, it should be nutritious, delicious and fulfilling. Well, I never thought it could also be just PhP 7.00.

Energen Go Fruit is the newest addition to the Energen Cereal Drink family. Even before the advertisements came, I was drinking Energen Choco everyday. The flavor is just so fantastic that one sip is enough to wake your muted taste buds to life. However, when I saw the ads for Energen Go Fruit, I became restless to try one. I was particularly excited to try the Sweet Corn variant because I love corn. Who doesn’t, right?

On our next grocery day, I bugged Mom about buying one whole pack of Energen Go Fruit. She said we can buy two packs to try two variants. What a treat! I never thought she was also excited to try it. She wanted the Strawberry variant. Each pack costs around PhP 70 and has 10 sachets of the Energen Cereal Drink. So, each sachet is PhP 7.00. That’s an affordable breakfast!

We got home and I immediately boiled water in our kettle. As I take my first sip, I was not disappointed.The sweet corn flavor hits you strong, and then the milk mellows it down. I loved it. The advertisement also promised real fruit bits, and it also tasted OK. However, there were around 10 bits per sachet. If there were more, I think it would be the best breakfast drink. And, you wouldn’t want to swallow a fruit bit if it was not yet softened by your boiling water. It does not blend well with my palate.

All in all, the Energen Go Fruit drink, especially the Sweet Corn variant, is a good find for me. I also tried the strawberry variant Mom bought, but it tasted like cough syrup to me. My Mom loved it though.I guess we just have contrasting taste buds. If you are on-the-go and you want a fast but nutritious snack, I would recommend Energen Go Fruit.

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  1. I love the flavors of Energen Go Fruit Banana and Strawberry. However, I have 2 issues with this product.
    1. If you pour one packet in one cup of water, the result is watery. So I use only half a cup of hot water.
    2. After 2 weeks of having this for breakfast, I started to break out in a rash on my right outer elbow. I researched this and it turned out the rash was a reaction to too much gluten. Which prompts me to ask, how much gluten is there in Energen Go Fruit? I think it uses more wheat flour that oats.
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