Several jobs require a person to spend long hours standing, walking, and at times, even running. Working on your feet all day can cause soreness and discomfort.  Aching feet and legs can cause numbness and uneasiness to the whole body that affects one’s daily routine.

Isn’t it just right to give our feet the comfort it deserve? And one way to lessen that pain in the feet is by choosing the right kind of shoes.  A pair that fits perfectly and gives the support our feet needed.

I remember the time when I was in doubt on what shoes I am going to buy.  Although I want a black, leather shoes, it often rain during that time and I don’t like wearing soaking wet leather shoes. That’s is when I decided to try Duralite shoes.  Since then, I prefer it over the other shoes in my shoe rack.  Duralite Women’s Shoes are light-weight, plastic molded shoes made of rubber like materials.  That makes it more flexible and comfortable.  It has an anti-slip sole that prevents slip and fall.

Duralite Women’s Shoes is an all-weather shoes.  I can use it during hot, humid days and it is still comfortable since it doesn’t make my feet sweaty. It will never let you down during the rainy season –  it is water-proof with the look of a leather shoes.  It is also skin friendly since it doesn’t cause blisters and itchiness from the first time I wore it until now.

Before, Duralite Women’s Shoes have limited designs.  To date, new designs are available, and I know that I will have many options the next time I buy a new pair.   It is also available in different colors – black, brown, navy blue, gray, white, silver and mocha.

Cleaning Duralite Women’s Shoes is so easy.  You can wash it with soap and water, rinse it thoroughly and let it dry.

It is also very affordable at P130. Prices differs on other retail outlets and online stores.

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