I believe in the power of scents to change your mood and give you good vibes. This is why one of my guilty pleasures is perfumes, and I’ve had quite a number of them in my dresser. I love smelling fragrant all the time, and it also applies to my clothes and sheets. So when Downy released their new variant for their Parfum Collection, the Downy Mystique, I immediately made a grab for it. Instantly, I’m in heaven.

The sensory experience begins just as soon as you open the packet and prepare to immerse your clothes into it. The smell is predominantly warm vanilla, tamed by hints of citrus. It is not overpoweringly sweet; in fact, it is soothing to the senses. It reminds me of my childhood, and my freshly washed clothes really smelled so good! In fact, the lovely smell from my clothes has even perfumed the room with the Mystique scent. Add that to the cloud-like softness it gave to my sheets, and even my scratchy uniforms did become less rough. Upon ironing, the iron did glide easily on my clothes and activated the smell that ironing is no longer a chore for me. Instead, it became an aromatherapy experience because of Downy Mystique.

What made me more partial about this product is that your scent is really bound to be noticed- even if you’re not wearing any other perfume. My pupils, kids as they are, love to hover around me during break time and they love the sweet scent of my clothes. They cannot even believe it is not perfume. Upon coming home, my bed became more inviting with the sheets infused with the Mystique scent and softness like no other. My closet is permeated by the scent. Although vanilla and citrus is already a common scent combination, there is a hint of mint that is incorporated into it and makes it smell more exquisite, unusual and expensive.

Speaking of expensive, I can tell you that with this product, it is exactly the opposite. I purchased mine in sachets that cost only Php 6.25 each. With each sachet I was able to wash about 20 clothes; I also used one sachet for two big bed sheets and two blankets and the smell was still heavenly. What’s more: the scent really lasts throughout the day for clothes, and up to seven days for sheets and blankets. I know for sure since I’ve really observed it myself. A lovely smell that lasts long, and softens clothes- that is real value for money! Whether air-dried, dried in the sun or even in the drier, the scent never fails. I definitely want to recommend this for a truly wonderful sensory experience. The product certainly lives up to the tagline “it’s like wearing perfume everyday.” Now wouldn’t it be nice if you tried it today and experience the Mystique yourself? It is available in department stores and even sari-sari stores.

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