A lot of people wear eyeglasses and contact lenses nowadays, some wear it because they need it while others wear them for fashion. Whether you need to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses because you need to, or just wear it to look cool then Dorimon Optical may just be a good choice for you.

I first thought the name was little funny, it reminds me of the anime Doraemon and there actually are Doraemon novelty items inside the clinic. I later found out that the owner named the clinic after her last name.

I already have my reading glasses which was okay until I noticed that it’s getting a little blurry so I thought it was time for a new pair or at least have my eyes checked. No appointments needed, I just walked in. The place was neat, glasses that are for sale are displayed on cabinets just like a normal optical clinic. The eye doctor was pretty young but she was very knowledgeable and she definitely know what she’s doing. So I told her that I want to get a new pair of glasses, then the normal process began. Had me peek on a machine with the air balloon inside and and tweaked some settings to check something in my eye. She had me read letters and try on some lenses with different grades until she was sure it was the right fit for me. What I did not anticipate were the questions she asked me and a few more process she did in between.

So she asked me whether I get dizzy or if I get headaches once in a while, what my job is and so on. She also used a device that was like a telescope and peeked into my eye which she later explained that was for looking into possible eye problems I might have. I was with my wife at the time and she also had her glasses done the same day as mine, and the doctor said that she found that my wife had acommodative spasm and some scratches on her eye surface due to contact lenses. This is not usually asked or done by other eye doctors so I was really happy about the info we got and the glasses that were made for us.

The glasses were done the same day, so it was really fast and I got the blue lens which was the first time I heard of it. This was an amazing experience for me as I knew that this clinic valued quality over quantity if you know what I mean. I will definitely recommend this to other people.

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