When you go to a massage place, what is the first thing that greets you when you enter the door? The scent, right? That’s because certain scents trigger a relaxing feeling, no matter how stressed you are and this is one of the spas’ intentions. As soon as you get in, start feeling relaxed, start feeling the stress ooze out of your pores and before your massage, you get pampered by having your feet soaked in warm water and washed thoroughly.

Stress and scents go together. In fact, in this article, you will know which scents can benefit you the most, not just by entering any massage salon. Start learning the advantages of personally owning any of these scents and feel relaxed, stress-free, and comfortable in the confines of your own home.

Coconut – a great heart-rate reliever. Studies show that people who were stressed out from a difficult task saw a dramatic change when they started inhaling coconut scent. So if you want to lower blood pressure, think coconut.

Apple – best natural headache relief. Who knew that apples had many benefits and not just because you’re biting into one? Studies show that apples noticeably saw relief on people who were suffering from headaches. Green apple scent specifically made individuals who suffered from migraine feel a lot better.

Peppermint – not just a great breath freshener, this scent is very good for people who are on a diet. If you feel like overindulging, the smell of peppermint prevents the urge to eat. Based on studies made, people who sniffed peppermint every 2 hours had less cravings, ate less and showed a lower hunger level.

Lavender – most famous anxiety buster. Lavender is not just a great perfume for many ladies, but if prepared in minute portions, studies show that lavender helps people who are anxious. A dental clinic that uses lavender in their offices see a significantly lower anxiety level for individuals who were usually scared of dentists.

There are many other scents out there that are said to relieve stress. As they say, ‘the nose knows…’ and this is definitely true. So whatever suits your olfactory sense organ, give in to what it wants. Some sample scents are sold by Casa de Lorenzo. Visit their website to see a full array of scents they offer and more http://www.thecasadelorenzo.com.

If you feel that splurging on scents is not practical, then go DIY. With so many pinterest articles and pins that are easy to follow for any DIY scent-to-do, homemade is the best way to go. Personally, smelling an orange peel already does wonders. There are various Pinoy flowers that even offers more than just a ‘pretty scent to smell,’ like Ylang-ylang and Sampaguita. Ylang-ylang is great for promoting that calm feeling.

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