I went to Baler Aurora on a budgeted surf trip in search for big waves the day before typhoon Santi arrived. Most of us surfers usually don’t mind where we stay so I just searched the internet for simple yet affordable places to stay and I found this place.

The place -to my surprise- exceeds its Five hundred peso per night rate. That is the rate for the fan room. It was clean and well kept. The place had a warm vibe that made me feel like it was my home away from home.

They had three houses and I stayed at the one right at the back. The house I stayed at had five rooms. Besides my room, I also had access to the living room and the kitchen. Not that I know how to cook but it was nice having that option.

Outside the three houses they own is a small courtyard where they have nice wooden sofas. I took the liberty of naming that area the “Meet and greet area”. That area definitely suits people who can’t live without Facebook the best cause the wifi signal was strongest out there.

Another good thing about the place is it’s the only lodge along the beach (excluding big resorts) that had generators. It came very useful when the typhoon made landfall that night. We had no power for days so staying in a place that had generators was a big bonus.

Location wise, it was one of the best spots to stay at if you’re a surfer. This is mainly because the backdoor overlooks one of the good banks of Sabang beach. (Bank: [Surfer term] – An area in the ocean where the waves start to peak). Non surfers should also enjoy the location since it’s right at the beach. You also get an amazing view of the sunrise -provided you wake up early enough.

On the downside…. There’s no network reception when you’re inside the room. Then again it’s a good thing to have no signal when you’re on vacation and trying to get away from the busy city life.

All in all I think it’s definitely the place to stay if you’re on a budgeted trip or a surfer who only cares about the waves and only needs a place to crash after you tire yourself out from a good surf session.

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I'm Jet. Born in the Philippines. Currently lives in Taiwan and travels a lot. Loves surfing. In fact it's what drives me to wake up every morning nowadays. I love meeting new people, unplanned trips and good vibes. That's pretty much "ME" in a nutshell :-)

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  1. Hi ask ko lng po f mgkanu rate nyu 2days 2nyts for two persons mgppabook p aq ng may 11-13 .. Salamt.

  2. The best place and best rate..we’re having trouble of looking for accommodation that time but thank God we found Desiree’s.caretaker and owner very accomodating, very friendly to my family that time.as my family loves to cook their food Desiree’s provide all things my family needs for cooking.and thank you very much
    See u again next time Desiree’s place of Baler

  3. Hi can i ask if magkano po ang room for 3-4 persons per night? magpapabook sana kami sa aug 28-29 thanks po sa reply!

  4. I want to know your rates for an overnight stay with dinner and breakfast? I have 100 guests to be booked on June 9-11, 17-19 and 24-26. I would appreciate if you could send me the contracted rate and a sample menu. thanks!

  5. If one of your transient house is available on December 27 to 30, 2014? How much is the reservation fee?