When National Bookstore just doesn’t satisfy your art supply cravings anymore, it’s time to take a little trip to ‘Deovir’, an armory of art tools and equipment.  Don’t get me wrong, I love National Bookstore. They’ve got a decent stash of brushes and paints but I’ve recently begun experimenting with different mediums so, I did an online research on art stores and ‘Deovir’ came up.

Deovir is located in the 3rd floor of the main building of SM City North Edsa. Yesterday, I got the chance to check the place out and when I stepped inside, I was transported into a universe of oil paints, watercolors, spirits of turpentine and brushes of all kinds and sizes! Since Deovir is quite a small shop, I was literally surrounded by art gears and paraphernalia. They had stuff that I have been in search of for a long time like soft and hard pastel chalks, a variety of pencils, and they even have graphite sticks! It’s the loveliest thing I have ever seen. Moreover, most of these art materials, you can buy individually, per color which was thrilling for me because most art supplies in other shops are sold as boxed sets.

The products were neatly locked up in glass display cases which was unfortunate because I like to touch and inspect the stuff I’m shopping for. Nevertheless, the salesperson manning the store was helpful enough. When I asked if they had a charcoal pencil, she showed me different brands and immediately informed me that I could choose from soft, medium or hard. Kudos to this store for having a salesperson who is knowledgeable about the products they are selling. Once, I asked a saleslady in an arts and crafts shop if they had linseed oil and she gave me ‘lost in space’ look.  Not this store. When I inquired about acrylic inks, she took out a bottle and showed it to me.  The sad news is I ended up purchasing more stuff than I needed.

You can also shop for their products online at deovirarts.com where they have and extensive list of art supplies complete with pictures and prices. I’ve spent hours window-shopping on that site. Chances are whatever you need, you’ll find there. Other Deovir stores are located at C.M. Recto, Quezon Boulevard, SM City Manila and SM Megamall. More info on their store locations can be found on their user-friendly website. Deovir is a gem of a store. The next time I need an art fix, I know exactly where to go.

Photo is for illustration purposes only.

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