I am not fond of drinking juice especially the powdered one that you just mix with water. I have read that it mainly consists of sugar and no nutrients can be obtained. It can even cause urinary tract infection (UTI). This is my belief until I attended my friend’s birthday party and tasted this fruit juice drink that tickled my taste buds.

I have never tasted any juice as refreshing as Del Monte Pineapple Blueberry flavored juice drink. It is beyond compare. It does not have an “after taste.” It has a moderate level of sweetness. It is so smooth on the tongue. Unlike the typical powdered juices, there are no particles that settle at the bottom of the pitcher or glass. It leaves no residue. I really love the blend of pineapple and blueberry. These fruits complement one another.  They do not give any bitter or sour taste.

Del Monte Pineapple Blueberry juice is not only a juice drink. It has health benefits too. Its pineapple extract is rich in vitamin C while its blueberry extract is enriched with natural antioxidants. Both are good for the skin, eyes, hair, heart and stomach. It is perfect for health-conscious individuals. One time my brother had sniffles (cold symptom) and after drinking a glass of it, he felt relieved and his cold did not persist. My mother loves drinking it too for it once helped her to recover from flu.

Though it costs 110 Php per liter, I can say that it is worth buying. It is not an ordinary juice drink. It is not pure sweetener or sugar. It is all natural juice (i.e., natural pineapple – blueberry juice). It is ready to drink and there is no need to mix it with water. It is still fresh and drinkable within four months.  I can fill 4 – 6 glasses with it. Sometimes when I run out of vitamin supplements, I use it as a substitute. And if you have a sensitive tummy, do not worry about it for you can drink it anytime without irritating your stomach.

I am pretty sure you will like Del Monte Pineapple Blueberry flavored juice drink. You can also try some of its flavors like pineapple – orange and pineapple – strawberry. Hurry and grab it from your favorite grocery store!

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