Do you know that you can take care of your bones by just drinking pineapple juice instead of milk? Yes, you read it right! Now there is a refreshing way to care for our bones with this new Del Monte Bone Smart 100% Pineapple Juice. I just learned about it a few days back and I was like “Cool, pineapple juice as a substitute to milk?!”

More Vitamins, More Benefits!

What I like about Del Monte Bone Smart Pineapple Juice is it is fortified with several vitamins. It does not only contain vitamin C, iron, zinc but also calcium and vitamin D. The last two vitamins make this pineapple juice more unique from others. Imagine a juice drink that is also good for the bones! We cannot just find calcium or vitamin D in any drink aside from milk of course and Del Monte Bone Smart. I find this really amazing because I love milk and now this pineapple juice has milk nutrients too. I can say that it does benefit both our immune system and skeletal system.

Pulpier & Tastier!

I also like the concentrated taste of Del Monte Bone Smart. I think it is more tasty and pulpy than the classic Del Monte pineapple juice. It is not too sour nor too sweet. Unlike other pineapple juices, it has a natural flavor and concentration. I can taste real pineapple in every sip of it.

Pro-bones, Pro-budget!

Another thing I like about Del Monte Smart is it is not only bone-friendly but also budget-friendly. Instead of buying fresh milk and vitamin C tablets, I can just buy this bone smart pineapple juice as an alternative when I have no enough budget, since it has both calcium and vitamin C. A 240 ml can of it is actually equivalent to one glass and just costs 23.70 Php which is only one peso more expensive that the classic Del Monte pineapple juice. And I read that the calcium content in a glass or a can of it is equivalent to the amount of calcium we usually get from two glasses of milk. Isn’t it very healthy?

With Del Monte Bone Smart 100% Pineapple Juice, I am confident that I can meet my daily calcium and vitamin C requirement and that what I am drinking is 100% healthy. It is really the best pineapple juice for all health-conscious individuals like me.

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  1. Really?!?!?! equivalent to 2 glass of milk???? BREASTMILK!?!?!? or just a propaganda?