Daphne is an oral contraceptive especially made for lactating mothers. I used this pill after giving birth to my second son. It’s the safest contraceptive I know since I was afraid of IUD’s and I was not convinced with injectable contraception. It is also recommended to smoking women who need birth control. Each box comes with 28 super small white pills. Every pill is labeled with the names of the week. This can help mothers track their medication.

As instructed, I took the pill the same time everyday. If I took the first pill 11:30 am on a Wednesday, I have to take it the same time on a Thursday and all the succeeding days to come. But what if I forgot to take the medication? It’s okay, as long as it’s not more than six hours later. But as much as possible, keep taking the pill on the same time each day. I believe that the pill becomes more effective if taken that way. You can be consistent by setting your alarm every day.

The advantage of taking this drug, aside from it is safe and effective, is that it will increase your appetite. Though this might be a disadvantage to some moms, it’s not for me. As a nursing mom, it’s necessary to eat enough for you and for your baby. I gained weight but it’s fine since there’s always a way to get rid of those unwanted fats after a few months. When I finally recovered from giving birth, I started searching for home exercises I can do while the baby’s asleep. Daphne also treats acne. I noticed that my skin’s glow while taking the pill.

However, I noticed excessive hair loss and irregular menstrual intervals while using this pill. It delayed my normal menstrual cycle. These are some of the minor side effects. Luckily, I did not experience spotting. Some users even miss their monthly period the entire time of using the pill. But overall, there’s nothing to worry because you can always seek advice from OBGyne. I took it for several months before Inigo turns a year old. Daphne is available at Mercury for around 130 pesos. You can buy even without prescription from an ob-gynecologist.

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  1. Hi ask ko lng po pang 3 months ko na po kc umiinom ng ng daphne pills last month nagkaroon ako 1st day of march then nitong april until now april 6 na po wala padin ako huhu hndi naman po ako breastfeeding mom 7months na po baby ko..tsaka tuloy tuloy naman po ung inom ko ng pills pero minsan nakakalimutan ko sa tamang oras pero wala pa 3 hrs naiinom ko naman po.. then sometimes mainitin po ulo ko then naiinitan po ako.. or napaparanoid lng po ba ako kc iniisip ko na wala padn ako menstruation.. pls. Help po thank you

  2. Hello po mamsh nag simula po ako mag take nang daphne pills december tapos niregla naman po ako nang January but now po hindi pa po ako ulit nireregla last ko po niregla January pa po and until now wala pa po talaga .Breastfeed din po ako at 5mons plang baby ko , naka pangalawang PT na po ako pero negative po 😔 hindi po ako maka pa check up kasi sa panahon ngayon.Hindi naman po siguro ako buntis? Pls po baka may naka ranas na nang same situation gaya sakin.

    1. We’re the same momsh. 2 months na ako wala period kaya unstop ko muna magtake. Naka apat na PT narin ako puro negaty lahat.

  3. Ilang buwan na po ako nagtitake ng daphne pills.. And i dont even know na need pla sundin ung arrows.. Tinitake q ung day mismo jut not following the arrows.. May effect po b un or every pill is the same lang po.. I hope you can answer. Thank you

  4. hi good eve..ask lng po..last wensday feb.12,2020..pumunta po aq ng center para humingi ng pills..then ask ng midwife..kng anu dti iniinom q sv q ung femme pills..breastfeed po aq..then sv ng medwife..hindi pwd s breast feed ang femme..dapat dw po daphne pills..png start nq nung wensday khit nsa last white nq ng femme..wag qna dw tuloy un..start nq ng daphne..nsa 5 tab plang aq ..ngka mens n po aq..ask lng po kng 2loy q lng inomin un or another pack n po aq..thanks po..hope mapansin po