If you want a taste of the world for just P838.00, there’s no other place to go than Dad’s World Buffet, West Avenue in Quezon City.

The variety of food you will encounter will not be as many as the ones in Viking’s or Buffet 101 but they are definitely enough to satisfy anyone’s craving. The menu is from more than 12 different cultures like Greece, Malaysia, the U.S., Mexico, Japan, China and, of course, the Philippines.

There is a carving station where one can sample authentic U.S. Roast Beef and Turkey, New Zealand’s Roast Leg of Lamb and the restaurant’s own recipe of ham. There is a whole bar of different sushi, sashimi and maki apart from the table containing the different kinds of tempura and teppanyaki. There is also the line of lechon, lechon kawali and pritson. The Chinese bar is also full of dimsum, noodles and other favorites.  The dessert selection consists of cakes, pastries, candies, ice cream and our own Filipino rice cakes.

With all the things to choose from, I ended up eating so much of the vegetable tempura.  The mixture of vegetables was sweet and the coating very crispy.  I loved it so much!  I also liked the puto bumbong but had a hard time taking it off from the banana leaf wrapper.

What set this restaurant apart from the others I had tried are two things: taste and hospitality.  The food, as most will attest, is great but the service is even better! When my nine-year old daughter went to the beverage station to get her mango shake, I was surprised to see her come back with the manager holding her drink.  He just made sure she was able to manage the crowd without spilling her drink.  I found it very thoughtful.

My sister-in-law was also carrying my one-year old niece while choosing which food she wanted and came back with a waiter holding her plate to make sure she was able to carry the baby safely. My mother asked one of the waiters if they had oysters. The waiter quickly inquired for her and said that they ran out.  However, around 10 minutes after, the same waiter came back to tell her that the oysters just got delivered and after a 15 minute preparation period, he can serve her a plate.

Most buffet restaurants offer spicy food and a very limited array of beverages which you have to get yourself.  Here in Dad’s World Buffet, the waiters offer their service of helping you out even when you think you don’t need it. The only thing I did not like was the stairs going up to the restaurant.  Although for most children and adults, the stairs are just fine, it is a bit steep and an impediment to senior citizens.

My family and I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of the staff and definitely recommend everyone to try out Dad’s World Buffet.


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