My front door has a glass panel on it. To prevent an intruder from breaking the glass and reaching in to unlock the door, I had to purchase a deadbolt which is a lock that requires a key to lock/unlock it from the outside and the inside as well. I chose Creston’s  Security Rim Lock Model 9552 SS.SP.

Bought at Ace Hardware for PhP 850, I chose it for the following reasons: I didn’t want a hole to cut into the side of my door. This limited my choices to a rim lock which is the type that attaches to the surface of the door.  With its stainless steel construction, the lock looked good enough to act as an accessory and at the same time, formidable enough to be an effective deterrent.

Here are my impressions after 2 years of use.

Its key is unlike anything I’ve seen before, and I’ve seen plenty. It doesn’t have a serrated edge like a typical key, but it’s not a simple dimple key either because it has grooves carved on the key surface. It looks like an unusual car key. The salesman informed me that duplicates can be had, but only through Creston’s offices in Pampanga. This may be a negative for some, but it’s not for me as I often rent out my place and I don’t want tenants being able to make duplicates.

It is made out of premium stainless steel. I can say this with confidence because I accidentally left this lock in my uncovered courtyard for a month while I was called away unexpectedly. On my return, the lock did not rust despite heavy rains.  The unit has 2 locking mechanisms: a self-lock one and a 2 cylindrical bolt driven one. Unless disabled, the self-lock mechanism automatically comes into play when you close the door whereas the cylindrical bolt mechanism is activated by the key,  providing the most secure mechanism of the two.

I had a bad experience with the self-lock mechanism when I went outside one day without my key. There was a cross draft which shut the door while I was outside, leaving me unable to open the door. Thankfully, there was someone inside the house to let me back in. Once I got back in, I dismantled the lock to see if I can permanently disable the self-lock feature. Thankfully, it was an easy thing to do, requiring the least of mechanical inclination.

In all, I would give this lock a thumbs UP. It was attractive enough to be seen in my front door and formidable enough to act as a deterrent. Its unusual key will turn some people off as it will be difficult to duplicate, but for someone like me who leases my place from time to time, that is a plus.

NOTE: If this lock is to be installed in your front door, I strongly recommend that the auto-lock feature be permanently disabled to prevent yourself from being accidentally locked outside without your keys.

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