Ever wonder why a lot of of Youtube Videos are about make up? Be it makeup tutorials, reviews and hauls… Makeup is one business almost all women can relate to. And majority of our population is made up by women, maybe that’s one reason why.

Tupperware is known for its products like food containers, but they have also ventured out in cosmetics. I was offered by one of my colleagues at work to look at it, and the model for their make up line was Bea Alonzo. And I was so intrigued with their long lasting lipstick, which is the ColorLast Lipstick. II chose the shade classic honey. It’s not a so red, and not so pink color… almost a brownish red actually. I had to pick a color that is not so intimidating as I am morena but I also want something that’ll give my lips some color. And I think this is the only lipstick and shade that I fell in love with so far.

The catalogue somehow says to let it settles after about 5 minutes, so maybe that’s when it works its magic. It’s very easy to glide on the lips, it’s very smooth and it doesn’t dry my lips. I find it better when I wear a lip balm first before putting it on. The color I am using looks very natural for me. I wear it everyday for work or to run errands and it doesn’t look as strong unlike other lipstick colors that just shouts like “look at my lips!” kind of feel. I do not agree to the 8 hour lasting effect of this though, at least for me. I had to retouch after about two hours, at least that’s how it is for me. The best thing I like about this is that it doesn’t cause my lips to dry and chap. It also doesn’t cake, which basically got a two thumbs up from me.

I am not really into make-up that much, I simply just want to look presentable and pop some make up here and there but this lipstick is something that I can stick to. It’s my go-to lipstick… it is super simple and it is also cheap. It comes in different shades just like any other lipstick but it’s one brand I will recommend. It’s very simple, nothing extra unlike the other lispticks that are out in the market. This lipstick is a bit underrated but it is really good.

It may not be enough for special occasions, you may have to wear a lip liner and lip gloss along with it for special days but for the normal days that you don’t want to look very dolled up this is a very good choice. Nothing beats simplicity and quality, throw in affordability as well.

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