I just love multitasking beauty products, especially if they fit into my jeans pocket without much bulge. Colorful Lip and Cheek Tint (from Tupperware Brands) belong to these products that do many things for the price, not to mention the size, of one. A beautiful combo, isn’t it?

I am naturally pale and I need blush to brighten up my other sallow complexion. Powder blushes do the trick of making me glow but I can only get the best result when applied with a big blush brush. I don’t always have the time to do that. So I looked for a product which I can swipe and blend easily with my fingers. My search led me to Colorfull Lip and Cheek Tint.

The tint is blood-red in color, which is good since the best blush color is the one which mimics the natural flush we have when our blood rushes to our face. Trying it on, it did give me a sweet rosy blush, pretty looks like I’m in love. Joking aside, the liquid comes with a Rollerball applicator, making it glide easily on the skin and it is easy to blend, too. It looks much more natural than any powder blush I have used, and it stays longer on your face.

For its use as a lip tint, well, it does have staying power too. I wear it during times when I go on errands and bringing a bag is not much necessary. It gave my lips a matte red color that banishes all the signs of anemia. It dries easily so you would not get that sticky feeling you get from lipstick and gloss. Just one swipe makes you go from pale to glamorous. The product is very tote-able, be it your pocket, purse or bag. If it is not a great product, then I do not know what it is.

Here comes the downside: The liquid is kind of bitter, and the finish might be too matte for some people. It tends to make your lips look dry so what I usually do is to wear lip balm under and over it, and the problem is pretty much solved. Other than those two, I could no longer find any more faults in the product, that is why I do recommend this for women on the go and women who cannot afford to have the precious bag space occupied by big makeup kits.

Colorfull Lip and Cheek Tint is available through Tupperware Brands Dealers. I got mine for PhP 69 only, making it indeed a sweet chic deal. So rush now and get yours to experience its benefits.

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