Product claims: Long lasting glossy shine will guarantee your luscious lips are locked in all day. Super non-sticky formula. Available in 5 shades. Its wand shape means no nonsense easy application, for girls on the go!

I got mine in the shade Beat Box for only Php. 100 during a Department Store sale! I got lured in by the fact that it says “Up to 6 hour wear”. Who wouldn’t want a cheap yet long-lasting lip gloss, right?

Lip glosses are usually really hard to keep on because they’re so slippery, and their liquid consistency really makes them vulnerable to easy removal unlike matte products. So I really  felt like I had to try this product out.

The container was pretty simple, and the product isn’t messy at all upon application. Just as it claims, it’s definitely no-nonsense. I really like this because so many lip glosses these days are hard to put on what with all the complicated packaging. Thankfully, this is one of those products that you can apply even without a mirror.

The first thing I noticed about the color though was that the shade only matched the color of my lips! I think it’s because my lips aren’t very pink, so this one looks more like clear gloss on me. I didn’t mind. It actually looks pretty classy with just the right amount of shimmer. If you’re a little picky with your lip product shades, however, maybe you should try on the product first before buying because it might not be as true to color as it is on the bottle.

The only thing left for me to test out was the longevity. I had a lot of expectations when it came to this because of the label it had on the bottle. However, I was a little disappointed to find that it was pretty much like any other lip gloss in the market in this aspect. It lasted around 3 hours when I didn’t eat anything, but it easily got wiped off after a meal.

I was honestly a little bummed about that, but in the end, for its price tag, I really couldn’t complain much. I still use this product a whole lot especially on days when I simply want to look like I’m wearing clear gloss. Maybe if they would remove the longevity claims on this product, then that would be much better so as to avoid being misleading.

Overall though, for Php. 100, I would recommend this product for those who are looking for a simple lip gloss to add to their collection.

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