Toothache or hypersensitivity can be really painful. I won’t deny that it even made me cry several times before because of too much pain. Sometimes, I even doubt if there’s any pain that can hurt more than that.

I have problematic molars which are really sensitive to both heat and cold. Somehow, I just learned to live with it. I had to avoid foods and drinks which are too hot or too cold, because it will trigger my hypersensitivity. Even when I avoided foods and drinks which are too hot or too cold, there were still times when I would feel pain, and it is no joke. Because of that, I always brought pain relievers with me. I had to take pain relievers every 6 hours for a few days, and pain relievers aren’t that cheap.

I currently have dental braces and I regularly have to go to the dentist for brace adjustments. During one of my visits, my dentist suggested that I change my toothpaste and go for Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. I’ve heard about this product before because it has a TV commercial. I was using another variant of Colgate by then, and I doubted that this Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief variant would make any difference.

A week after my dentist visit, I went grocery shopping with my mom. I didn’t really plan to buy Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief that time, but I saw the display on one of the aisles in the grocery. I looked at the price, and it’s more expensive than the other Colgate variants. I was hesitant at first, but I ended up picking up a box from the display after all.

I started using Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, and I was taken aback. I know its purpose is to reduce tooth sensitivity so I shouldn’t be surprised, but it didn’t even take a week for it to act on my hypersensitivity! Hypersensitivity was a very annoying problem. It somehow affected my productiveness on a daily basis and I’m just so glad Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief really provided a relief! I am so impressed with its performance in just a few days!

I’ve been using this product for several months now, and even though I still bring pain relievers with me anywhere I go, I only use it now for other body pains (like menstrual cramps). With Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, I have one less thing to worry about!

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