If you are a mascara junkie like me, you should add CLINIQUE High Impact Volume Mascara on your makeup drawer. Picking the right mascara is often a struggle for girls, and investing in a wrong mascara is a big waste of time and money. I have tried more than ten brands but nothing gives me the dramatic and glamorous finish this mascara can give. CLINIQUE High Impact Volume Mascara is waterproof and has a bristled brush that separates, thickens and even lengthens every single eyelash. Best to use on any weather, rain or shine because it doesn’t clump or smudge. CLINIQUE products were quite expensive. However, they give high-end quality products which is definitely worth the price.

I was walking through Rustans Department Store in Makati when I stumbled across this product. The saleslady who approached to assist me appeared to be like wearing false eyelashes. She said she was wearing this mascara. That made me decide to put the mascara on the cashier’s counter before I could not change mind. To most girls, the price of PhP 540.00 might give a second thought but if you come to think of it we buy mascara every three months, and PhP 180.00 a month for a mascara is not bad at all.

For me, this is the best mascara ever! It gives the right length and volume which is perfect since I am not blessed with long and thick eyelashes. This product makes my thin, short lashes stand out perfectly. But if you already have thick lashes, you will look like wearing false eyelashes on this. If you opt to score flirty peepers that opens up and brightens your eyes, this mascara is perfect. For a very satisfying result, the secret is apply first coat and let it dry to avoid flaking. Then, apply a second coat by wiggling the brush left to right at the base to make the lashes look fuller and better separated. It stays more than 6 hours and amazingly holds the lashes in place, rare find. Surprisingly, it doesn’t make me look like a raccoon by the end of the day. And the good news is it doesn’t budge under my eyes.

This is actually my first attempt to try a CLINIQUE product. I just wish the brush comes with a much thinner tip. That way, it can also cover even the inner base of my eyelashes. This mascara doesn’t come off easily with makeup remover so removing really takes me time. Overall, I consider┬áCLINIQUE High Impact Volume Mascara as my best purchase of the month, really worth my hard earned moolah. I recommend this as a perfect gift idea for girls!

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