Ever had that day when you look in the mirror and you see those whiteheads and blackheads starting to peak out their way from your pores? Gross, right? You can go for a facial, that’s if you have the time and the money (and its very painful!) or, you can get one of the over the counter pore strips, only if you’re ready to use multiple strips because they just don’t seem to work as much as expected.

Korean-made skincare and cosmetic products have been around for quite some time and most of us know at least a few brands but how about Thai beauty products? Not really, I guess. I actually bought this product online, it’s not available on the skincare aisle at the grocery store. So how about Clearnose and what it does? Simple — takes off as much whiteheads and blackheads there is on your pores.

The product comes with a small container and a set of strip. The product itself is a paste-like white liquid. It’s very easy to use. Just wash your face with warm water, apply it like face cream and lay the strip. Pull the strip after it dries and see the eewy stuff from your pore stuck on the paper.

When I first used Clearnose, I was a little skeptical because of the consistency of the product. I thought I was going to use white glue on my skin, but it was very effective. I had to use two strips before I was satisfied with how my skin felt. The seller also told me that it can be used for the entire face. I actually saw photos online with other people using it on their entire face and I thought they looked ridiculously funny. But you see, it works! On the other hand, you may have to exert a little effort because the liquid is sticky and it’s a challenge to get a strip and preventing it from sticking to your fingers.

Clearnose is one my favorite Thai beauty product. It’s very affordable for just a little over a hundred pesos and it lasts for a good 3 months for me with at least twice a week of use. But I suggest to take it easy when using it. Apply as thin layer of the product as possible and use it for three rounds max. I tried using it for three rounds once and I felt that my skin was burning after I’m done with the 3rd strip. Every three days is the best way to go with this, anyway all the whiteheads and blackheads don’t stack up as much on your pores in a day.

I’ve tried it and it may also work for you. I got benefits of not just whitehead and blackhead free skin, my skin pores are not as visible as before, and most of all I get to save from my derma visits!

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