I am pretty sure there are many ladies out there who desperately want to have a clear fair moisturized face. I know a facial moisturizer that will help you make your dream come true. It is called Clean & Clear: Clear Fairness Moisturizer with SPF 15 from Johnson & Johnson.

Good Points:

I like Clean & Clear: Clear Fairness Moisturizer for the following reasons:

  1. Its moisturizing ingredient is really effective. My face does not excessively shed now. I do not have breakouts anymore. Before I could see some dead skin on my forehead and upper cheeks. Now they are no longer visible. In just a period of 4 – 7 days, the white flakes on my face amazingly vanished.
  2. I can apply it onto my face even I have a pimple. It does not aggravate or irritate my pimple. I think it is good for any skin type. I have a sensitive skin and it does not cause me any facial problem or skin allergy.
  3. It has no stingy effect on my face. It actually leaves a cool smooth feeling. It is not greasy and sticky unlike other moisturizers.
  4. I do not need to worry about my face getting sunburned when I go out during the day since it has SPF 15. It protects my face from sunlight. I used it one time when I went to the beach and my face did not darken.
  5. It is affordable. A 50 ml bottle just costs less than 100 pesos and can be used for a couple of months. Mine can last up to 4 – 5 months and I usually apply it twice a day (i.e., after morning and evening shower).


To me, there is only one unlikeable thing about Clean & Clear: Clear Fairness Moisturizer. It makes my face a bit oily though this does not last long. The tan color of my face becomes more prominent when this happens. I need to use powder to lessen the effect. I think it is just due to its strong moisturizing ingredient. It does not actually lighten my skin but it gives an even complexion and glow to my face.

All in all, Clean & Clear: Clear Fairness Moisturizer with SPF 15 is the best facial moisturizer I have ever tried. I give it a 10!

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