Can’t find the perfect gloss for your luscious lips? Check out City Color’s Creamy Lip Stain!

It comes in six amazing shades (all of them equally striking!!): Flirtini, Blackberry Mojito, Tickled Pink Cosmo, Cherry Daiquiri, Sweet Sangria, Chocolate Merlot. I got mine in Cherry Daiquiri, but I’m probably going to get the other shades really soon, too. This product is just too good to pass up. I feel like mine was a steal for only Php. 250.

It comes in a cute bottle, and the applicator is sturdy enough.It glides quite smoothly across your lips, and the lip cream feels somewhat like finely melted lipstick. What I love the most about this is the pigmentation. Truly, with just a single swipe, you can get enough to last the whole day. I’m not particularly sure about the lighter shades, but when I wore Cherry Daiquiri, my lips stayed red until I was on my way home.

I would still recommend wearing lipliner under it, though, because after eating and drinking, some of the lip cream would wear off and the color would distinctly be darker along the creases of your lips.

The colors are all really pretty, and the product doesn’t dehydrate your lips. I’m very picky with my lip products because I tend to have dry lips. Because of this, I try to avoid matte lipsticks. However, this lip cream gave me hope because of its semi-matte appearance while still having a moisturizing feel.

One thing about this product that I did not like, however, is how messy it could get sometimes. If it smudges past your lips, the color will really stick to your skin, which is bad if you just did your face make-up like foundation. To be honest, it sticks quite quickly to everything! One time, I accidentally got some on my shirt, which was a bummer. So make sure to remove all of it before changing your clothes for the day!

Anyway, I still enjoyed using this product. And I continue to use it especially on special occasions. I just wish they had it in subtler shades as well for everyday use. Other than that, I’d say I can give this product a 4.5/5 because of its good packaging, pigmentation and lasting power. It’s not everyday that you find a lip cream this good for an affordable price.

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