I first encountered Chips Delight Triple Chocolate Overload cookies when a friend of mine left a bag at home and I accidentally finished it. Since then, it has always managed to creep its way into my grocery list. It has become one of my favorite snacks along with other imported cookies but it’s not as costly. Good news for my wallet, not so much for my diet.

Chips Delight has come up with a line of delicious cookies in the past and I must admit, I’ve tasted them all. Compared with their Chewy Brownie Cookies and their Striped Chocolate Chip Cookies, Triple Chocolate Overload is the best in my opinion because it’s a combination of those two. What I love the most about this cookie is the chocolate overkill!

The person who came up with the recipe for this cookie must have been a real chocolate addict like me. The hero of the snack is the fudgy chocolate dough itself. It’s filled with soft chocolate chips and it’s chewy! It’s not too mushy or too sweet, you can tell that they used quality ingredients. At the bottom of the cookie is another coating of melted chocolate and on top are more lip-smacking choco drizzles.

Of course nothing beats my beloved Chips Ahoy but this product, made by Galinco, a food company from the Philippines, is way cheaper. You can buy a bag of Chips Delight Triple Chocolate Overload for around Php 50.00. It contains twelve pieces of cookies per package and it is available at most supermarkets and convenient stores. Considering its affordability, this snack holds its own against its imported counterparts.

However, Chips Delight Triple Chocolate Overload has its flaws. The bad news is- each cookie contains 75 calories! And it’s impossible to stop at just one cookie! Although, that is pretty much the same amount of calories other chocolate cookies contain, even the less tastier ones.

If you’re a chocoholic like me, you’d appreciate the lengths the makers of this snack went through in order to pack as much chocolate as they could into one cookie. There’s a reason why they named it ‘Triple Chocolate Overload”. It tastes the best if you chill the bag of cookies in the fridge before eating.

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  1. Awesome flavor of chips delight so amazing that I always wanted its delicious flavor of every bite of this chips, I always share this chips with my little brother while watching cartoons I hope the chips delight will pleasure many of their fan  I order this at (https://www.goods.ph/) I hope this is not our last journey together I hope this product give us other flavor to choose for 

  2. this would be a perfect chips for a chocolate adik. kids will surely love this. but every other food there would be always disadvantage, it has more sugar than and its bad for our health..

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