Have you ever had a broken gadget? Well, of course your first resort may be to go to your gadget’s service repair center or rely on a service warranty and hope for the best. We all know how hard it is to go to a repair center and how long before we get our beloved gadgets back.  So, let’s see how my story will relate to hundreds or maybe thousands of Cherry Mobile clients.

First off, I have two gadgets that I brought to their service center – Fusion Bolt and Superion Odyssey. I had the Fusion Bolt first which I ordered from Lazada. The gadget was fine until I accidentally stepped on it while I was attempting to stand up from bed (Ladies and gentlemen, do not attempt to sleep with your tablet or else a series of unfortunate events will follow haha!). The touch panel cracked and next thing you know I am forced to go to SM North to get it fixed.

I don’t have any idea on the scenario that I am going to see once I arrive at the service center. I got there, waited for my cue and was called after an hour of waiting. The staff assessed my tablet and said I needed to pay for the replacement of the touch panel. It cost me around Php 1,000. She told me I needed to wait 3-4 weeks. So I waited for a month but no calls or texts from them. I tried reaching them by phone and text but failed to have an update. So I squeezed every ounce of patience I have to wait for my tablet until I reached my third month.

Finally, they texted me that I need to claim my tablet immediately. So, I went there and claimed my tablet and boy was I happy. I got home, opened my tablet and to my surprise, the Wi-fi is not working! What am I suppose to do with a tablet with no Wi-fi?! I paid, got stressed and waited for three months for a tablet with a glitch on the screen and broken Wi-fi port. I am in pure disappointment. I wasn’t able to use that gadget until I went to mobile repair shop, got it upgraded but it got stolen afterwards.

Devastated with what happened, my husband bought a new tablet for our anniversary – Yup, you got it right, Superion Odyssey. Sadly, I woke up with the screen tapping itself and voila- another broken touch panel. So, I had to go there again and to sum it all up, I also waited for about 3 months and paid almost Php 2,000 for the damages.

Now these are the things I have in mind:

Pros: You get an economical gadget, looks good and functions well, worth the price

Cons: You are not allowed to break the gadget unless you are willing to undergo through a stressful events. The service center is not accommodating and does not cater to the clients well. Their charge is too high and they don’t accept complaints. Many of their clients in rage already went there did everything to speed up or fix the issues but they are not cooperative (believe me).

Conclusion: When buying a gadget, consider the repair center of that brand. Do a research on their feedback to make sure that when you have a problem with your gadget, you won’t have to suffer.

Published by Shermaine

Hi. I am a working student and shoe artist of Our Lady of Fatima University. Currently a scholar and a proud mom :)

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  2. Anong gagawin ko dahil pag kuha ko ng charger ay nadala Rin ang jack!? kakabili ko lng Nan un

  3. i bought a phone in cherry mobile which the model is FLARE P1. Then after 1 day I observe na umiinit sya and ang bilis ma lowbat. what shall i do?!!! KAKA PURCHASE KO LANG!

  4. Dinala ko Yung phone ko flare s5 and s4 finger print lang Ang sir Ng flare s5 tapos pag balik my crack sa gilid sabi pa Ng staff baka di ko daw sinabi sakanila grabe ako pa binag bintangan I have a proof na finger print lang Ang sira.
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