They say that Christmas is a time to be jolly but it also turned out to be one of my unluckiest and gloomiest days when my well-loved Samsung smartphone got nicked while I was doing my Christmas shopping. Being heavily dependent on my phone for daily tasks, I didn’t let the day pass without getting my hands on a replacement.

As I rushed to the line of cellphone stores in the mall, I was very worried that I would have to settle for a very cheap, next to useless phone because I was done with Christmas shopping and my budget is almost used up. One thing that I was certain about is that I have to get an Android phone. I expected the search to be extremely tedious since I have budget of Php 5,000.00 or less. The Cherry mobile kiosk almost immediately got my attention because of the price range and the wide array of Android-powered phones that they sell.

I went through the list of available handsets and shortlisted between a Flare S or an Amber. Both handsets run on the same operating system which is Android 4.2.2 but the flare has 8MP camera while amber only has 5MP. Amber is at Php 2,999.00 while Flare is being sold for Php 4,500.00. I gave it a little thought and decided I’m not too bothered about the camera since its most likely going to be a temporary phone while I save up for a more reliable one. So I purchased the amber and went home still heavy-hearted because I know it won’t be as good as the phone I lost but also relieved that I have something to use without causing much strain on the budget.

Days after I started using it, I was surprised with how similar it actually was to my Samsung phone, but there are also some extras to it which made my Php 2,999.00 very well worth it! The screen brightness and resolution is better than I expected and the touchscreen responds well without delays. The size of it fits well into the palm and does not give me hard time typing. It has everything I need including ample space for apps (4GB internal memory), WIFI connectivity and tethering, acceptable browser speed, compatibility to the HD games that I like and many others. I was right about the camera though. It claims to be at 5MP but can compare to a 2MP of a more expensive brand. The front camera is almost useless indoors and requires good lighting if you intend to use it for video calls. However the most important thing is that it has everything I need. Right now I’ve already re-synced all important apps and data from my previous phone and a lot of times I don’t even realize that I’m using a cheaper phone!

This is definitely a good buy for people like me who are not too bothered about taking pictures but rely on constant connectivity and internet. I would rate it 7 out of 10 compared to other Android devices. It would be a very good choice for people who are switching to an Android phone for the first time or those who have recently decided to ditch their decade-old bar phone. It’s also ideal for youngsters and teens who can’t be trusted to handle expensive devices yet for fear of it being broken or stolen. This phone is proving to be a lot more functional than I expected. In fact, I wrote this review from the phone itself! (Yes, it has Microsoft Office applications)

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