A lot of my friends always talk about this nightclub, Chaos, so I went to check it out. Chaos is located in City of Dreams in Aseana Avenue. Everytime my friends talk about Chaos, they would always say that they love everything about it. Due to my curiosity, I went there to see for myself.

As I was walking in the Shopping Boulevard in City of Dreams, I can already see smoke from a smoke machine coming from afar. When I reached the place where the smoke was coming from, then and there, I saw Chaos is really something to love.
The huge doors where you enter are just wow. The feeling when you are in front of it is more like of a dream or fantasy. The design of the huge doors, which is what I always hear people talk about, is really worth taking a picture of. There are gold hands mounted on the door as if it is attracting you to go inside; the Greek gods-looking also mounted on the door adds the inviting vibe, and a lot more!

A good thing about Chaos is it is located inside City of Dreams, a place where there are hotels, restaurants, and casino. So it is really for some who would like to go grab some food, gamble, or even stay for the night. The dark hallway leading you inside has got this superb interior deign. The vibe inside is amazing, from the dancing lights, the upbeat and roaring music from the best local and international DJs, the friendly bartenders, perfectly mixed drinks, and cocktails. Every little thing is awesome.

The place is packed, great crowd, a lot of people looks like having a good time. I just don’t like some of the music, but I love how the DJ makes the crowd jump. The drinks are great but some are quite pricey. But I still had a great time. Chaos is not the typical hot, and freaky nightclub. I have seen a better crowd here than other nightclubs I have been to. Definitely going back to Chaos; and now I could join in the conversation of my friends.

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