I have tried several variants of lechon here in cebu, I still consider Rico’s lechon as the best. Now that they have a newly opened lechon house here in Cebu, it gives me more reason to consider them  as the best.

How to get there and hours of operation:

The newly open lechon house is located at Acacia drive Ayala at the back of Tune Hotel Cebu. It is a 5 to 10 minutes walk from Ayala Center Cebu Mall. They are open at 10am.

The Price and My Overall Experience:

The ambiance is beautiful and I really like their interior design. Me and my friends bought the medium size which is half kilo for 320 PHP, not bad, although its expensive compared to the other lechon here in Cebu but it is really worth it. A must try is their spicy lechon, it is so delicious and that is what we bought. The lechon is very full of flavor. You can taste the spices and you don’t even need a sauce.  The way they serve their rice is very unique. I believe this is the first restaurant that serves their rice by not using a plate.

They put in a cast iron cooking pot  (we called it caldero in cebuano). The plates are also unique, it’s like you are eating your food using a banana leaf. It’s best to eat without using a spoon and fork. Please be reminded that their soda is expensive, we bought sprite in can and its 60 PHP. The rice is also quite expensive for 35 PHP per cup, however they have a platter it will cost you 110 PHP equivalent to 5 cups. If you are in a group, its better to get the platter. Aside from lechon they also have side dishes and desserts.

They also have shakes available like buko and mango. What we ate there is just the spicy lechon because we are really craving for it. They also have a function room. If you want your dining experience to be exclusive you can use it. If you are in Cebu, you should visit this restaurant. Two thumbs up for this restaurant.

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