What an Assisted Living Care Facility Can Do For You

The transition is always the most difficult. They say, like any endeavor, the first step is always the most challenging. And in actuality, the same goes when you have decided that assisted living is the way to go for your mom or for your loved one who needs it. Need? Is it really something that …

What Does a Paid Nursing Home Do For You?

Are you aware that aside from aging-associated diseases our “lolo” and “lola” experience, the most common geriatric syndrome observed is Alzheimer’s Disease also known as Dementia? Many people think this is just an illness often seen in movies, only to be seen on foreigners… but, it’s actually not. Many of our Filipino senior citizens have …

5 Alternatives to Coffee

Many people are into coffee these days that you would not wonder anymore why so many Café this and Café that are sprouting all over the metropolis, especially in Cebu. Not to mention that most of these cafes are Korean-owned, hence the distinctive and quite unique ambiance that many are patronizing. For those who are …

Picking Up the Right Send-Money Service in the Philippines

Money can’t buy happiness. We hear that often, we know it, and we believe it. Then again, you just can’t deny the fact that money is able to buy material things that allow you to enjoy life. You need money to get a good education. You need money to be able to buy food…food that …

5 Top Places to go in Cebu at Night

While getting the various opinions of friends and colleagues for their top places to go to at night in Cebu, there was a distinct difference when asking for male opinion and getting answers from ladies. So this list would probably cover both genders and at the same time, be worth trying out for those who …

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