Portable Automatic USB Rechargeable Electric Water Pump Dispenser Bottle Review

The reason why I bought this rechargeable water dispenser is not because I need it but my sister and mom need it. They live in another city and the manual water dispenser has become a pain in the neck to use. Every time they empty a gallon, that means they have to replace it with …

Bulk Natural Dried Flower Pressed Leaves for DIY Soap Candle Making Supplies Review

There are a ton of suppliers of dried, pressed flowers and leaves in Shopee. I’m reviewing this particular product from the seller lovoski2.ph. You may or may not find this product anymore when you come across this review as product listings are easily activated and deactivated. Lately, I’ve been doing some crafts and thought of …

i-Tech Matte Vinyl Sticker Review

If you are into selling, crafts or printing cute and funny stickers, chances are you need a good vinyl sticker paper. Well, after trying a few brands, I made a conclusion that i-Tech Matte Vinyl Sticker paper is one of the best ones out there. Correct me if I’m wrong, but neither National Bookstore or …

Veger VP1018 10000mAh Mini Power Bank Review

My 20,000mAh Romoss powerbank is dying, and so I was on the hunt for another powerbank. I would say that Romoss is what of those brands and you can never go wrong with them. Unfortunately, there are tons of “Romoss” fake products on Lazazda, and as with other fake products, they tend to be really …

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