Eker and Ely Longganisang Lucban Review: A Must-Try!

When I first came to the province of Quezon and we talked about food, the people there are very proud of their longganisang Lucban, a variety of Philippine sausage that originated from that town of Lucban in Quezon, thus the name. A friend handed me a native bayong then.  It contains dozens of longganisang Lucban …

Burn Out Burger Review: Once Tasted, Always Wanted!

I was looking for other places to eat at other than my usual eating spots. That’s when I heard about Burn Out Burger, a newly opened burger chain just a few yards away from the school’s entrance. I got so excited to eat there because I’ve heard so many chitchats about the store regarding its delicious …

Pythagoras Coffee and Tea Review: A Shop You Shouldn’t Miss in the South

We all know that Pythagoras is a well-known mathematician. But not everyone loves Math, so don’t worry because this store is just all about good food and drinks with the best staff and great ambiance to keep you satisfied! It may look or sound like a common hangout place with drinks to offer but no, Pythagoras ain’t your average …

Giligan’s Mall of Asia Review

The ambiance of the place is like an ocean adventure! The whole restaurant is decorated with pirates, wooden ships and barrels, nets, anchors and everything related to the sea. The view of the sea is very suitable to the restaurant’s theme because it’s located at the SM Mall of Asia By the Bay, Sunset Boulevard. …

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