Jimm’s 5in1 Coffee Mix Review: My Newfound BFF

Are you working on the graveyard shift, dozing off so frequently at work that your productivity starts to go down? Jimm’s 5 in 1 Coffee Mix is the product for you! I am not overly fond of coffee at all. Why? Because too much caffeine gives me palpitations, which I’m not so fond of as well. …

Energen Go Fruit Review: Perk Up Your Morning

Breakfast, as my PE1 prof used to say, is the most important meal of the day. She would usually continue explaining why by citing some known facts. Why was it called breakfast? Because the meal breaks your 8-hour fasting during your sleep. She would also note that the meal would be your first food intake …

Refreshing Milk Tea at Cha Dao Tea Place

Do you want a place to stay whenever you want to relax? Or a place where you could enjoy a delicious yet nutritious milk tea? Then Cha Dao is the place for you. Located near St. Paul Manila in Pedro Gil, Cha Dao offers a wide variety of milk tea from red tea, black tea, …

Gold Leaf Oolong Tea Review: The “Good Diet” Tea

Suffering from obesity for years has been a cause of my numerous health issues. Among the many offshoots of obesity; Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome, hyperacidity, and adrenal fatigue were the ones I was diagnosed with last year. My doctor  read me a list of foods and drinks to avoid; and the list included coffee. Seeing my …

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