Caronia’s Summer Collection comes on three shades; Rosy Glow, Blue Chill and Fresh Mint. The Rosy Glow matches girly and sweet personality and has a pinkish shade. Blue Chill is the only frosted one on the three and sure to give classy looks because it has a shiny finish. And, the last one, Fresh Mint gives light, cool and breezy looks, which is definitely the most perfect nail polish shade for summer.

Painting my nails is one thing I am so crazy about. I so happen to fall for nail polishes, I love to experiment and play on different shades. I always try to match my nail color to my mood or to my outfit. I do love to have my nails polished pretty often mainly for the impression to look glam and for the purpose of my hands to look neat. My family and friends are used to my lovely nails. My sis gave me a set of Caronia Summer Collection. I love Caronia proof is half of my collections were Caronia. But I was quite skeptical to wear any of the three colors because I was thinking the shades might wouldn’t match my morena skin tone. Whenever I shop, I make sure to pick the right shade for me.

Of course she radically pursued the nail polish and also to help her not to feel she just wasted cash, I tried it. I went for Rosy Glow. I opted to add myself some feminine looks and that is the only color closer to my favourite color pink. I usually do my own nails and do not hire someone to do for me because I am too meticulous that I will just end up doing my nails again if I don’t like how it is done. After the session, I so love the result. The Rosy Glow shade have not made me look tacky, but created an accent to my hands. No regrets.

It complements my morena skin. So, I am pretty sure that this Rosy Glow Shade fits morena and fair skin types. I always see to it to add this shade to my favourite collection.

Photo is for illustration purposes only. Image courtesy: carizzachua

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