Whether you train in the gym or just simply stressed out from work, you probably get a lot of body pains. This is very common for me as training in the gym at least five times a day is not a joke. I have stopped taking pain relievers to give my liver a break, so I have been turning to ointments or plasters to ease the pain I get after a vigorous training. I had a hard time looking for an ointment that easily warms the affected area. Until my buddy at the gym showed me this Betet Parrot Green Balm.

The name is a little funny and I was a little hesitant at first however I didn’t expect the outcome when I started using it. First, I am telling you that this ointment is ridiculously cheap. You can buy one of this for about Php20, and it is already a good size. It’s a green balm with that minty, eucalyptus-like smell.

The label is not in any way fancy for me. I tried to apply it on my sore shoulders, but I was told to apply little by little as this really warms up quite intensely when you apply too much, and so I did, I was surprised to learn that a small amount of this balm warms up the area, and that alone actually soothed my muscles.  I have also tried it on my legs, biceps and on my calves. And you won’t believe it, but I also tried it when I had a bad toothache (applied on my chin where the affected tooth was) and I was really amazed. It relieved the pain in just around five minutes. Of course I am not saying that it is gonna work for others as instant as it did for me, but I think it’s worth a try.

With every product there is always a bad side of course, for this I only see the way it warms…or should I say heat up the area intensely when you apply too much of it. This is not the best thing you can use for your kids especially around the face area like the nose, eyes or lips. I tried using this once  on my temples and I may have used too much of it because it burned and I did not know how to stop it. It’s not easy to wash this off with just soap and water. The other thing, which is just a very minor thing is that you smell like an elderly.

Nonetheless, I would say that this product is really good for me. Considering a lot of things that I get with this? I can get one for a really cheap price, It comes with a good amount for just twenty bucks, and one of this can last me around three months! This is definitely a good buy, and this is one of my best buddies after going to the gym.

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    1. Get a small amount of the balm and put on desired area. Put only a little for this product really heats easily.

    1. Get a small amount of the balm and put on desired area. Put only a little, for this product really heats easily.

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