To celebrate the arrival of summer, myself and a group of my friends like to check out as many beaches as our schedules would allow. We do it to get away from the maddening heat and the stress of corporate life. One of the beaches we’ve been to is Camayan Beach Resort in Subic Bay.

The first thing I noticed when I got there was the scorching heat. It felt like I stepped into an oven the moment I got out of the air-conditioned van. The sand was fair but it burned my feet. It wasn’t breezy there like in the other beaches I’ve visited and there were so many people! I quite prefer the quiet life but my friend, the social butterfly, was chatting festively with total strangers in no time.

Though the hotel looked impressively royal, our schedules only allowed us to avail of their ‘Day Use’ option which gives you access to the beach and its amenities including a barbecue from 7:30 am to 8pm. The rates are PhP 300.00 (adults) and PhP 250.00 (children, 12 and younger). Since my friends didn’t know how to pack lightly, we rented a cabana for PhP 1000.00 so we’d have a place to eat and keep our stuff in.

There were plenty of water activities and water mobiles available for rental. For PhP 300, you can rent a kayak for an hour. I had fun watching my friend trying to maneuver that thing. When I finally got in the ocean, it was heaven! Forgotten was the heat, the crowd, the burning sand. I was happy! That was until someone spotted a starfish. Good thing I’m not the only one afraid of marine life. My friend and I squawked in the ocean like angry ducks till we were a safe distance away from the starfish. Turned out, it was dead. Still, I didn’t feel safe in that water. As the day went on, the waves got stronger and more fun. Many, pictures were taken. The starfish was soon forgotten.

On the beach, you can get a henna tattoo for around PhP 150.00. You can rent the volleyball area for PhP 150.00, good for 2 hours. There was also a stage but sadly, no band played that time. There were plenty of snack and drink stands too but the prices were hilariously high! I recommend bringing your own munchies. Still, drinking an overpriced plastic glass of lemonade in the ocean, under the scorching sun, priceless!

Camayan Beach Resort is more of a place to get together and party, in my opinion. It’s not a place to find peace and tranquility. Quite the contrast to the beaches I’ve been to in the past. Overall, I had a blast! When it’s not the height of summer, I wouldn’t mind going back there again and perhaps staying in one of their impressive rooms which I only caught glimpses of.

Image courtesy: Camayan Beach Resort FB Page

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