One afternoon, I was watching TV with my baby daughter and a commercial caught my attention. Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski, a well-known Filipino horseback rider, television host and actress was endorsing a laundry detergent. Being a mom of six and a fan of Mikee, I thought about giving this product a try.

Usually, when grocery shopping at the SM Hypermarket branch here in Pasig with my husband, we follow this routine wherein we buy cold meats, poultry and fish first before proceeding to other house products but due to my curiosity, we headed straight to the laundry section to check out the new Calla detergent powder. Wrapped in plastic with blue, green and white hues and a huge “Calla” written in front, who could miss this?

The powder did not have any solids in it which was good, and the flower scent smelled pleasant. It wasn’t too strong and it had a subtle scent of lily flowers.

The product is also very budget friendly; its price being PhP 38.00 for a 500 gram pack. Unfortunately, a bigger size isn’t available. Calla also comes in bar form, weighing 400 grams for only PhP 18.00 which can also be used for thorough scrubbing.

I purchased both to try it at home and to compare it to my usual laundry detergent powder and bar. The day after, I used the product on my baby’s clothes. I soaked it with water with calla powder and scrubbed it with the soap bar. I loved how it is rich in suds but it was very easy to rinse. It smelled good upon process and after drying and the lovely scent stuck to her clothes though I chose not to use fabric conditioner. After the wash, her clothes were soft to touch and their was no static feel to it. The stains were easily removed when I presoaked it and fortunately, the detergent is also color-safe.

The thing I loved most about the product as it does not lead any irritation to the skin though it was evident that it was used on the clothes because of the scent because it did not leave any chalk residue and it is very gentle for the hands.

After a month, I have been using Calla’s laundry detergent and soap not only on my baby’s clothes, but on my whole family’s. I am willing to continue using this product as long as it stays budget friendly and available in the market. Not only am I a fan on Mikey’s, but now also a fan of Calla.

Photo is for illustration purposes only.

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