It was dinner time after a tiring day at work, I was with my boyfriend. Initially, we wanted to eat at Rack’s (steakhouse), but then, I thought I wanted to try something new. We saw this restaurant right across Rack’s, it was Cajun Red Rock. We looked at their menu posted outside, their offerings seem delicious and the prices were pretty reasonable so we decided to try this restaurant.

Since it was dinner time, it was a little jam-packed, but not as jam-packed as Rack’s (which is actually another reason why I wanted to find another restaurant). We had to wait in line, but only for a little while. The crew member who was assisting us was very accommodating as well.

Looking at their menu, there are many dishes I would love to try! The photos and description were really enticing. It was really hard to decide but we finally settled with their Bountiful Platter Feast. According to the description, it is a combination of bourbon chops, cheesy pork steak, and chops Alfred served with grilled corn on a cob. I think it is such a good deal at only ₱685!

Like the usual, the drinks were served first. I was quite surprised because together with the drinks, popcorn was also served. Is it normal for popcorn to be an appetizer? I don’t know about that, but I didn’t mind eating it because it was free! Their popcorn tastes pretty good anyway. After a few minutes, our Bountiful Platter Feast was served. It was a big serving and it looks so good! Of course, the taste won’t lose to its appearance. The bourbon chops, cheesy pork steak, and chops Alfred are all really good. Each of them has their own distinct taste which is really pleasing to the tastebuds!

My favorite out of the three would be the cheesy pork steak. I’m quite surprised with this since I’m not really a fan of foods with cheese, but the creaminess was well-blended with the tender pork strips and my favorite bell pepper! The chops Alfred tastes good as well but probably the least that I like among the three, I don’t like white sauce that much that’s why. The bourbon chops were not so tender but it tastes great with its sauce.

All throughout our meal, the manager would pass by the diners from time to time, probably checking if the diners are enjoying their food. Even though he was walking here and there, he was not annoying because he was smiling a lot! Such a commendable manager!

I’m just so glad I opted to try something new that day, and thanks to Rack’s as well for being so jam-packed that night that we discovered another good restaurant! I’ll definitely come back to try more of Cajun Red Rock’s dishes!

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