In a tropical country like the Philippines, cold drinks are always in demand particularly during summer. Choosing which drink to purchase is sometimes an issue especially if we have a lot of options to choose from. We need to ensure that it will really refresh us and at the same time give us health benefits. Just recently I have found this new drink named C500 juice drink.

What is unique about C500 is it contains 500mg of vitamin C. When I read its label and saw this info, I did not think twice to buy and try it. We cannot easily find a drink that has more vitamin C like this juice drink. It is what I usually drink when I am at work and whenever I forget to take my ascorbic acid tablet. I think it is one of the good alternatives to vitamin C supplements.

Another thing I like about C500 is it is very affordable. It is actually cheaper than other vitamin C juice drinks. It only costs 15.40 Php / 355 ml bottle and comes in two varieties: Tangy Lemonade & Citrus Orange. Both flavors have a pleasant taste and I like them both. They are neither too sweet nor sour. Everyone in my family likes them too.

C500 juice drink is one of the best drinks I have ever tasted. It is like an energy drink to me. With it, I feel so refreshed and energized. I always buy and drink one when I go out or travel. My mother or brother does the same thing at times.

I strongly recommend C500 to health-conscious individuals. Since it has a lot of vitamin C, it can help boost and strengthen our immune system. So it does not only quench our thirst but it also keeps us healthy. I suggest that it should have more flavors such as pineapple, pomelo and guyabano. They should advertise it (again) on TV so more people will learn about it and purchase it.

I am pretty sure kids and adults alike will love C500! It has a taste that tickles one’s taste buds and vitamins that everybody needs.

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  1. Hi Sir/Ma’am,

    Good day! I’m John Kenneth Annang from National University Students of Destiny.

    Hope to discuss to you and have some considerations to our proposal.

    You can simply put a booth, conduct a product sampling or any of you want.
    We are really asking for your assistance so that we may be able to pursue reaching
    out to students, sharing God’s word and make an impact on their life and become a model of change for them.

    Thank you!