Product claims: The ultimate eye brow pencil! With powder formulation and slanted applicator your brows will be effortlessly perfect in mere moments. This can’t go wrong product allows you to fill in your brows as lightly or heavily as you prefer. 

I was walking around the department store when I got sales talked into buying this product. I admit it was one of those impulsive buys, and it wasn’t a very smart decision to just immediately buy it. I usually research about products first before buying them, and I also look out for the best prices, but this particular instance is the exception. I’m glad to say, however, that after months of use, I find that this is totally worth it!

It was my first time to pencil in my eyebrows, so the saleslady offered to do it for me. She put on a light brown color on me using one of the BYS eyebrow pencils since I already have a full set of brows. However, I didn’t really like it a lot. She then brought out this product, and I immediately loved the packaging.

It comes in a slim tube with a retractable bottom. I think it looks very classy, being all black with a nice semi-matte feel. The shade that I got is in brown, and I think it goes really well with my dark colored eyes and hair. This product is definitely something a Filipina could buy.

My favorite thing about this product is that there is no need to sharpen it at all. It feels like using a mechanical pencil to do my eyebrows! It’s very convenient especially since mornings are very busy, and most people don’t have the time to sharpen eyebrow pencils amidst the hustle and bustle of morning preparations.

I personally use this everyday, and I think its longevity is pretty nice as well. Although I think a sharpenable eyebrow pencil would last longer because this one applies like a cream. We know that when it comes to make-up, drier products always last longer. But I really don’t mind because I have a full set of brows already, so I just use this to lightly fill them in. The finish is also gorgeous, and it’s so easy to apply. This one literally takes less than a minute to use.

For people who don’t like a lot of color on their eyebrows though, this might not be the best product. It’s also good to  remember that this can’t be applied with a heavy hand because you will definitely put too much on. If you’re used to retractable eyebrow pencils though, this one is one of the good ones that comes with an equally good price tag. It also comes in Black and Blonde colors.

If asked to describe this, I would say it’s convenience and aesthetic made for your eyebrows all in a classy black container. If you’re looking for an eyebrow pencil, I highly recommend this one!

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