I was looking for other places to eat at other than my usual eating spots. That’s when I heard about Burn Out Burger, a newly opened burger chain just a few yards away from the school’s entrance.

I got so excited to eat there because I’ve heard so many chitchats about the store regarding its delicious taste, reasonable price and unusual bun color!

I went there for the first time. Their bestseller was the “D’ Burn Out Burger” which had a black bun so I gave it a try. It only costs me Php 58 (around 1 USD) plus a glass of iced tea which costs Php 12.

Now about that burger, can I just say that it was so darn tasty that it left me salivating the first time I took a bite? I mean like for a burger that’s so affordable how can it taste that good? And believe me, unlike other restaurants, what you see on BOB’s menu is exactly what you get!

I’ve also tried their classic gourmet burger. It’s their cheapest one on the list. It actually tastes the same with their bestseller, it’s just that the color of the bun is the usual plain bun topped with sesame seeds. This is the best option for you if you’re on a tight budget.

They also have a list combo meals. It includes the burger you want plus their must-try Dead Hit Fries and a glass of iced tea. I’ve tried their Bacon Mushroom combo meal and it was so amazing and very delicious and their fries paired up with ketchup and hot sauce were really awesome as well!

Just a tip, put more ketchup and a bit of hot sauce on top of your patty and it will be the best-tasting burger you’ll ever have!

Oh, and by the way, if you ate a black bun burger, don’t be a little surprised if you see your toilet waste a bit unusual in color.

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