I was not so fond of eating burgers, more so big ones. I eat them but I don’t really feel like burgers are something I can eat often, sometimes I would even feel nauseous. I used to think I can’t reallyĀ stand eating huge burger servings. Sure, I can take a bite, but I cannot finish it. This is not until I tried BurgerBar though, after trying this burger joint, I am thinking burgers might not be that bad at all.

First, let me commend the ambiance of the place. It is a very hip but still stylish place. It has couches and bar stools. Couches are appropriate for families, while the bar stools are appropriate for a group of friends hanging out. Of course, it’s still up to you where you want to sit.

It’s our first time eating at BurgerBar so we opted to try their classics. We chose “The Cheeseburger”. According to their menu, it’s a single quarter-pound house blend all-beef patty with american cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and BurgerBar’s own sauce no. 3 on a sesame seed bun. We also ordered their “Skinny Fries”, and for our drinks we chose lemonade and vanilla milkshake.

The service was a little slow. The couple beside us got their order before us even though we ordered first so it was a bit disappointing. After several minutes, what we ordered were finally served. I wouldn’t dwell much on the lemonade since it’s just like any lemonade out there, nothing really special. The vanilla milkshake, however, was a surprise because it tastes so good. You have to pour the cola yourself though, they won’t do it for you. It tastes like a float but better.

Then, there goes the burgers. Two burgers were served, the big bun cut into two were stuffed with a huge amount of toppings between them. It’s so mouth-watering and delighting to look at! The enormous amount of cheese is very enticing I must say. It’s like the cheese is going to flow out anytime soon but that makes it more pleasant to look at. When I took my first bite, it was already so fulfilling! The cheese tastes great. The patty was well-cooked and the other toppingsĀ blended well all together. It’s a very huge serving so it will actually make you full just like when you eat rice. Their skinny fries are just fine, it’s just like the usual fries in fast food chains. I guess it’s fine since it’s not their specialty and it’s cost effective anyway.

Their burgers are so good so I think I can forgive them for the slow service. So far, this is the only burger joint which made me want to try more burgers. I’m definitely coming back for more burgers from BurgerBar! If you want to try their tasty burgers, BurgerBar is located at Greenbelt 2 in Ayala, Makati City.

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