List of Budget Hotels in Cebu

List of Budget Hotels in Cebu
Cheap hotels, motels, inns and guesthouses for budget travelers in Cebu, Mandaue, Lapu-lapu and Talisay cities, Philippines.

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Adelfa Hotel Cebu City 990.00 900.00
Alemar Budgetel Cebu City 600 800.00
Anri Pension House Cebu City 680.00 780.00
Airol Pension House Cebu City 680.00
Allsons’ Inn Pension House Cebu City 1,150.00 1,250.00
Alto Pension House Cebu City 750.00 900.00
Apple Tree Suites Cebu City 998.00 998.00
Arbel Pension House Cebu City 400.00 800.00
Balay Bakasyunan Boutique Hostel Cebu City 600.00 1,200.00
Beverly Boutique Hotel Cebu City 1,480.00 2,230.00
C’est La Vie Pension Cebu City 700.00 750.00
Cebu Regal Pension House Cebu City
Casa Rosario Pension House Cebu City 999.00 1,200.00
Cebu Business Hotel Cebu City 970.00 1,410.00
Cebu Century Hotel Cebu City 650.00 740.00
Cebu Guest House Cebu City 325.00 625.00
Cebu Pension Plaza Cebu City 950.00
Cebuview Tourist Inn Cebu City 1,000.00
DepEd Ecotech Dorm Cebu City 250.00
Diplomat Hotel Cebu City 1,024.00
Dragon Home Inn Cebu City 850.00 1,200.00
Domus Aurea Pension House Incorporated Cebu City 600.00
Dynasty Tourist Inn Cebu City 1,200.00
Elegant Circle Inn Cebu City 1,435.00 1,245.00
Executive Pension Cebu City 960.00
Express Inn (M.J. Cuenco Branch) Cebu City 980.00 980.00
Fuente Pension House Cebu City 945.00 1,145.00
Golden Peak Hotel & Suites Cebu City 1,500.00
Golden Valley Hotel Cebu City 850.00 1,550.00
Gran Prix Hotel Cebu City ~N/A 1,159.82
Gran Tierra Suites Cebu City 789.00 989.99
GV Tower Hotel (Sanciangko Branch) Cebu City 800.00 1,080.00
Hey Fellas Guesthouse Cebu City 350.00
Honey Hunt House Pension Cebu City 650.00 800.00
Hotel de Mercedes Cebu City 721.00 865.00
Hotel Pier Cuatro Cebu City 980.00 980.00
Hotel Stella Cebu City ~N/A 999.00
Island Stay Hotel Cebu City 1,1,50.00 1,450.00
Jasmin Pension House Cebu City 830.00
Kaizen Pension House Cebu City ~N/A 650.00
Kan-Irag Hotel Cebu City 660.00
Kukuk’s Nest Pension House Cebu City 500.00 850.00
La Guardia Hotel Cebu City ~N/A 550.00
Magnolia Pension House Cebu City ~N/A 760.00
Mambaling Pension House Cebu City 520.00
Mayflower Inn Cebu City 1,020.00 1,500.00
Metro Park Hotel Cebu City 1,100.00 1,200.00
New Era Pension Inn Cebu City 388.00 1,588.00
Pacific Pensionne Cebu City ~N/A
Palladium Suites Cebu City 899.00 950.00
Regal Business Park Hotel Cebu City 960.00 1,440.00
Richmond Plaza Hotel Cebu City ~N/A 1,900.00
Robes Pension House Cebu City 700.00
Roseate Pensione Cebu City 698.00 898.00
Sampaguita Suites JRG Cebu City 698.00 998.00
Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia Cebu City 698 998.00
Santo Niño Suites Cebu City
Sugbutel Bed & Bath Cebu City 250.00 1,200.00
Teresita’s Dormtel Cebu City 600.00
The Center Suites Cebu City 855.00 985.00
Tonros Apartelle Cebu City 750.00
Tr3ats Guest House Cebu City 388.00 850.00
TravelBee Pension House (Central Inn) Cebu City 400.00 800.00
Tune Hotel Cebu City
Valleyfront Hotel Cebu City 780.00
Verbena Pension House Cebu City 1,690.00
West Gorordo Hotel Cebu City 1,380.00 1,980.00
Westpoint Inn Cebu City 820.00
Wow Lodge (Mambaling Branch) Cebu City 50.00
Ace Penzionne Lapu-lapu City 1,200.00 1,750.00
Andy Hotel Mandaue City 1,480.00
Anthurium Inn Lapu-lapu City 640.00
Cinfandel Suites Co Mandaue City 1,050.00 1,250.00
Europa Mansionette Inn Mandaue City 880.00
Express Inn (Mactan Branch) Lapu-lapu City 1,110.00
Ford’s Inn Cebu City
Islands Stay Hotel (Mactan Branch) Lapu-lapu City 1,150.00 1,450.00
La Maria Pension & Tourist Inn Cebu City 500.00 675.00
Maanyag Pension House Mandaue City 800.00
Mactan Pension House Lapu-lapu City 950.00
PMG Pension House Mandaue City 800.00
GV Hotel (Tabunok Branch) Talisay City 980.00 1,250.00
Oyy Lodge Talisay City 40.00
VF Pension Talisay City 700.00
Wow Lodge (Talisay Branch) Talisay City 50.00 50.00
Acasia Pension House (Argao) Argao 900.00
Compostela Pension (Compostela) Compostela
CounTess Pension House (Liloan) Liloan 1,000.00
Sea Gates Catadman Lodge (Danao) Danao City 395.00
Madelaine’s Place (Danao) Danao City
Celbyrne Pension Hauz Talisay City
1st Avenue Apartelle Lapu-lapu City 600.00
Amigos Inn Lapu-lapu City
Amihan Motel Cebu City
Archer’s field Inn Cebu City 799.00
Axis Pensione Lapu-lapu City 800.00 1,300.00
Wow Lodge (Mandaue Branch) Mandaue City 50.00
Wow Lodge (Pusok Branch) Lapu-lapu City 50.00
Hidden Lodge (Cabahug Branch) Mandaue City 220.00
UpStair’s Inn Lapu-lapu City 200.00
Hope Pension House Cebu City 200.00
Moonlight Inn Mandaue City 200.00
Queensland Hotel (Talisay Branch) Talisay City ~N/A
D’ Inn Cebu City 220.00
Queensland Hotel (V. Rama Branch) Cebu City 199.00
Hope Pension House (Colon Branch) Cebu City 300.00
Queensland Hotel (Mandaue Branch) Mandaue City 300.00
Queensland Hotel (Hernan Cortes Branch) Mandaue City 300.00
Best Inn Cebu City 280.00
TMS Lodge Cebu City 60.00
Lord’s Pension House Mandaue City ~N/A
WestView Pensionne Cebu City 795.00

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